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Do you know how secure your business’s network is? From HIPAA Compiance to cybersecurity to safe backups, ensure your business and your client’s information are secure.

KGB Communications is your one-stop solution for IT issues, telephone systems, cybersecurity, and training. Whether you are a current client adding additional services or a new business looking for IT solutions for the first time, KGB Communications is committed to acting as your partner in business. All of our solutions are designed with our client’s needs in mind while keeping their budget in mind as well. We deliver reliable solutions that include all aspects necessary to keep your office technology ready 24/7 with little downtime and few interruptions.

Phone Services

Communication with your clients is vitally important. Through our research of communications products and services, we specialize in engineering a communications platform that addresses your current needs and provides ample room for growth. Let KGB Communications partner with you by providing the ultimate solution for your business telephone system needs!

Contact Center

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences with Contact Center

With Contact Center, differentiate from the competition where it matters most – your customer experience.

The key to success in business is having satisfied customers, which requires delivering top-notch customer service. With Contact Center, you can provide your customers with the highest level of service right from the moment they engage with your business. This cloud-based solution allows you to efficiently manage customer interactions, gain insights into customer behavior, and deliver a superior customer experience all from one platform.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Contact Center offers an affordable and powerful solution that’s easy to deploy and operate. Your customer-facing staff will benefit from the secure, user-friendly, and full-featured platform, enabling them to provide the best possible service with every engagement. By treating your customers well, you’ll not only increase their loyalty but also boost your bottom line. Choose Contact Center and take your customer service to the next level.

The Benefits of Contact Center Software as a Service (CCaaS)

Intelligent Routing

Connect your customer with the right resource on time, every time.

Customer Choice

Offer customers a variety of ways to self-serve exactly when they need it.

Personalized Experience

Respond with the warm reception that instant knowledge affords. Integrate seamlessly with your CRM.

Omni-Channel Engagement

Handle customer inquiries through their preferred channels (voice, email, or chat).

In-Depth Insights

Real-time reporting helps improve performance, now and into the future.

Proactive Outreach

Enhance audience engagement with automated outreach capabilities.

Technology that Helps Your Business to Offer Superior Customer Experience – Right Now
Optimized Workforce

Your customer-facing staff can work anywhere. Recruit the very best talent and run your team from wherever they reside.

Unified Presence & Status

Allow frontline users to see at a glance when their team members are available to chat, busy with customers, or away from their workspaces.

Insightful Intelligence

Extensive built-in and customizable reports help visualize trends, identify friction points, and improve interactions.

Integrations Toolbox

Integrate with popular (or custom) productivity tools, with support for leading CRM systems, plus a set of open APIs.

Improved Employee Productivity and Customer Experiences Go Hand-In-Hand with Elevate and Contact Center
All-In-One Platform

One seamless cloud solution with a single user interface merging employee productivity with omnichannel customer engagement.

Advanced Call Handling

Access advanced call capabilities within Elevate including Dialout, Callbacks, Relevant Caller Information, and Call Classifications.

Greater Flexibility

Effortlessly give Elevate users access to call queues without needing to onboard them to a different application.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance is important both to protect your clients from fraud and your company from lawsuits. Ensuring HIPAA IT compliance is critical for organizations that handle protected health information. To achieve compliance, it’s essential to:

Conduct regular risk analyses. Identify potential risks to protected health information (PHI). offers a checklist but a 3rd party firm like KGB is often the best option to be sure.

Perform any necessary remediation. Risk analyses will identify areas of weakness so it’s important to address those areas where necessary

Make sure administrative safeguards are in place. These include:
– Access management of PHI. The HIPAA Privacy Rule says that the use of PHI should be the “minimum necessary.”
– Workforce training in security procedures. Anyone who works with PHI needs to be trained in security procedures to be sure that they are handling data safely and securely.
– Make sure physical safeguards are in place, including facility access control and device security. It’s important to implement technical safeguards such as audit controls, integrity controls, and transmission security to ensure your network is HIPAA-compliant.

Adopt reasonable and appropriate procedures to meet the Security Rule, including maintaining written security policies and updating plans to account for changes. By following this checklist, organizations can protect themselves from potential breaches and ensure HIPAA IT compliance.


Are you and your business prepared against cyberattacks? Digital attacks are a fact of our online life, and protecting against them is one of the biggest issues facing businesses today. The best way to protect your company from cyber threats is through a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy with KGB. Our approach uses the latest technology and best practices, while constantly watching for problems so that any threats can be stopped early on. Our clients have experienced both breach and major outage reduction after implementing our strategies

Cybersecurity Check List

Securing your business or organization with cyber coverage used to be an easy task. Now, it’s more difficult and many insurance companies want to know what steps you take to protect yourself from cybercriminals. Here’s a list of the 10 things that KGB does to protect your business from cyber threats.

  1. Use multifactor authentication for everyone with remote access to your system as well as when sending funds to third parties.
  2. Provide regular phishing/social engineering training for employees.
  3. Use privileged Account Management to help detect unusual behavior on your network.
  4. Use Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) software.
  5. Use SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to protect against email phishing campaigns.
  6. Use protective DNS service to block dangerous sites and filter out unwanted content.
  7. Use next-generation antivirus (NGAV) software to protect all endpoints across your enterprise.
  8. Put into place software and operating system patch update protocols.
  9. Allow connections to your network only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication.
  10. Utilize a Security Operations Center (SOC) tool to monitor your network 24/7.

Human Risk Management

In the modern workplace, tech has taken over. From smartphones to laptops, every employee and piece of technology poses a security risk to your network. Make sure you know where your security threats are to take proactive measures. Use this Human Risk Management quiz to stay apprised of your business’s potential risk.

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